Equinox & The return of the king – A time of phenomenal endings and beginnings – Meditation & Story

The Return of the King – a Creation Story & Meditation – New Beginnings and Phenomenal Endings this Spring Equinox

A Story about God & Goddess, Soul & Spirit, King & Queen

The king and queen represent the human expression of divine God & Goddess in us. This Spring there a story of homecoming, of divine marriage and a new unity emerging in our human templates.

The words for today; Welcome to a day of Peace, of Surrender, of letting go into the mystery.

with love and thanks to GevaAnn – Voice of Gaia for holding the space so this story could come through

It is when we drop into beingness we receive the gifts that are for us.

It is when we drop into beingness we align with our inner Goddess who calls our inner God home to himself. Have a beautiful day, however you’re spending it. Happy Equinox. With Love.

A short Divine Human Blueprint meditation for the equinox.

Manifesting New Realities from the Wholeness We Are – a Spring 2021 Human Blueprint Resource Book

artwork: Sacred Union Alchemy – Willow Jayne

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