Andromedans Activatory Channeling on Reentering the flow of divine time

“We deanchored ourselves from time”

Andromedans activatory channeling on re-entering the flow of divine time

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“We de-anchored ourselves from the dimension of time. When, as with many other dimensions, we recognised the dissonance and the inverted nature of truth in these dimensions, having de-anchored in order that we could stay aligned with truth as we knew it, it is now time to re-anchor in truth at the level of these dimensions from which we de-anchored. Time is one of these areas within the dimension of corporeality, where it is now accessible and available for awareness to consciously experience itself in truth-state and in harmony within the time flow. 

This means allowing timing and allowing events to have their proper timing, as something which is physically sensed. This can come as a physical knowing – when it is the right time to do something. There has been a disjointment, for this sense is always with those who access their inner guidance, if they wish to listen to it. But unless you are personally re-anchored in your own time flow, your own natural time flow, your physicalised sense of when it is time to do something will not match up to the corporeailty. To the flow of time in the dimension of corporeality. This means there will be a discrepancy between when you feel it is right to do something and when events and circumstances support you doing it. 

You will be supported in this and can call on your guides. 

And those who support you with love, to help you gain the clarity required, to discern your new, physicalised sense of ‘when is Now’ – when is the right timing for what you want to do, have, experience. 

We are the Andromedans.”

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