Blueprint-Akash Quick Update – Symbiosis & Winter Solstice Gateway

We are weaving the new from being aligned in the present. When we allow the smallest details of our daily lives to resonate with the natural frequencies of Joy, Hope and Benevolence, we can amplifying this resonance with the energy of Celebration – the Unconditional Celebration that we are, that life is. When we can touch these resonances even lightly in our lives, even just for a moment, we are weaving a majestic pattern for our collective and individual futures from the infinity of the here and now. To bring our conscious awareness to this supports us, lifting our experience as we enter a phase of ease and grace to bring us down off the intensity of the year and its tumultuous events.

The channeled words that come:

Beloveds we are weaving.

From embodied symbiosis.

Through the gateways of the mystery.

A world born of imagination turned upon its head.

There is no future script.

cont. below

Embodying Sovereignty – Quick Update on the Reset 2020-2021

What happens beyond 21st December is being woven, moment by moment in the present. And depends upon us being focused here now, in the smallest details of our lives. Resting in the frequencies of joy, hope and benevolence. Resonating gratitude and celebration – to allow for the effortless unfolding of the new beyond the limits of the old.

Ease, Grace and Oneness being lived in the details, the smallest matters of our daily lives – that’s what weaves our future from the here and now at this time.

We each have our place in the dance. Part of a picture vaster than measure. And there are times to be aligned with a vaster focus. Seeing into the greatness of things, but this is not one of them. Right now, when we align ourselves in the smallest details of the moment, we align with our place in the greater dance – and this manifests when we show up in the present.

We are anchoring a new weaving, cocreators of a new reality. Engineers in the new earth. Through the December solstice gateway.

The word of the moment is symbiosis. Look for this. Everywhere we see this, we amplify its potential as a foundation for how we’re cocreating. When we celebrate where we see symbiosis, in the smallest details of the mattering of our lives, we amplify it’s potential for resonance – beyond measure. This is the Resonance that secures our future.

We are engineers of the new reality. In place. In the dance. Not ‘making’ it happen, but calling ourselves home to the flow of what naturally, symbiotically happens. When we’re not in the way of what wants to happen.

We’re the listeners. To our inner whispers, inner guidance, to the call of the heart, over the rationale of the mind.Now is not a time to assert mind over matter.

These are the words that come. Thank you for being with them.

In love 💗

Amazing artwork by: Izzy.Ivy

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An open channel, seer, oracle and energy worker giving akashic energy readings and working with our divine human blueprint. Moved by beauty and in love with life, open to always being surprised at how amazing we are when we're living our gifts.

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