Channelled Update – The Enormity of this Now Moment

Divine Resonances in the Human Heart

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Channelled Message - the enormity of Now. ArtWork: Mark Henson Art

The individual human beings are realising themselves as the collective animal. And the collective animal is healing its hurts. 

What of matter is being consumed and renewed and rebirthed, re-dimensionalised, is being consumed and renewed and re-dimensionalised through the opening of the human heart to the truth of its original divine nature. Divine vibrational truth. This means human emotions of love, of compassion and human states, cognitive faculties, of understanding, of knowingness are transcending their limited state; the highest vibrational frequency perspective they can have, when experienced in one who is experiencing themselves as separate; as an isolated unit of consciousness. 

They are transcending the highest form it’s possible for them to have, compassion, love, understanding, knowing and this lifting is coming from the emergence of the true state of Compassion,of the true state of Love, of the true state of Understanding, of the true state of Knowing. And so the matter of the body is being re-dimensionalised so it has capacity to emanate the non-limiting vibrational resonance of divine Compassion, of divine Love, of divine Understanding, of divine Knowingness. There is much that is shaking its way out of the systems of the bodies, the emotional bodies, the physical bodies, the matter bodies of human beings and although each human being experiences its story with this as an individual, there is also a shaking out of these density frequencies in emotion. A shaking out of trauma vibrations. A shaking out and a bringing up dissonance patterns that have long been stored in the matter body of the collective human consciousness. Collective Human Consciousness has a matter body. Made up of all of the human beings’ bodies and made up of the environment that holds human beings’ bodies. 

This is a little complex. We do not expect this to be grasped fully or simplified easily but what you do now, you do together as a collective, as well as individually. And never has this been more so than now. The individual human beings are realising themselves as the collective animal. And the collective animal is healing its hurts. 

As the vibrational resonance of divine compassion emerges in the human heart – and you can see every human being as a cell within the body of the collective human consciousness – as these divine resonances emerge vibrationally in the individual and the collective human heart, the collective human animal can send home its wounds. Can dissolve its stored traumas. Can transcend its limiting beliefs held within each cell, each separate cell of humanity. Of experiencing itself in separation. And humanity itself is awakening to a renewal of its agreements – a renewal of awareness of its agreements with creation. And a remembering of its role within creation and is being recalled to recommit and rededicate itself to be responsible – response-able – within all of creation for its choices in how it creates. 

Much has been forgotten in the exploration of the Self as separate. Much is now to be remembered. The time is now for teachers who hold the information of how we co-create within unity to speak. To have their teachings spoken and to be heard. 

Channelled while sitting in connection with GevaAnn 

Audio Channeling – the enormity of this now moment

Audio Channeling: the enormity of this now moment – opening the Divine Human Heart
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Image: Dancing Across the Universe – Mark Henson Art

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