Infinity Resonances

Opening to the resonance of Gratitude

Gratitude as a pathway to Grace

A video on navigating to that place of unconditional Gratitude in us, without negating our other emotions, as a way of aligning our experience with the new, detaching from the old and opening to the resonance of grace through gratitude – as a way of helping us change how we’re experiencing our cocreation.

Right now I’m aware of the harmonics of Trust, Gratitude and Celebration, as notes in a song together singing through the fields of our collective co-creating, offerings to help lift us beyond the turbulence of the past that’s ending in us.

This video speaks a little of one of those resonances. There’s so much I’d love to say on the resonance of Gratitude. For now, here are just a few words.

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An open channel, seer, oracle and energy worker giving akashic energy readings and working with our divine human blueprint. Moved by beauty and in love with life, open to always being surprised at how amazing we are when we're living our gifts.

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