Update: riding out of the eclipse

Onto the stage of our creations

Riding the stream of joy, we’re carried to the door beyond which lies the room where we’ll be preparing to deliver our creations and take the stage with them. But we’re not going to be setting out onto that stage solo – we’ll all be helping each other deliver ourselves to the world as who we really are. We’re taking our real selves on stage.

We’re riding out on the wave of this month’s connected eclipses by showing up for our creations; creating from our heart’s truth on the world stage. Helping each other, singing each other into being.

Here and now, we’re anchoring qualities that help

us stay stable, gathering:

  • Dedication
  • Commitment
  • Determination

In taking ownership and being responsible for and conscious of the creations that might not even have clearly defined form yet. And this calls up in us the trust that will help strengthen our capacity to walk forward into the unknown as active participants in co-creating. What we generate now will support the generations emerging ready to carry it forward.

This year has got a lot lined up for us.

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