About Akashic Blueprint Work

The principles at the heart and foundation of the courses, online events & one to one session work we do together:

We generate a field of harmonic resonance from within

By shifting our vibratory state

We use the simplest tools:

Intention and attention


We make it sustainable with a few simple principles


This revolutionizes healing and inner transformation work

Instead of identifying the problem and working through it to the solution

You rest in the solution and the resonance of that vibratory state triggers the ending of inharmonious patterns in you. 


We still have to face our hidden places, unhealed places, constricting beliefs, behaviours, emotions and thoughts. But not to immerse in them.

Instead we touch them lightly, facing without bypassing, getting the gifts releasing the attachments, from our internal place of safety.


We make this inner place of safety a regular go-to place. So it becomes something we rely on in daily life. With practices, tools and meditations that can be used in private and when we’re out and about.

 So that generating a field of harmonic resonance from within becomes as natural to us as breathing.


And we change our reality from the inside out. Putting ourselves in resonance with more of what we’re manifesting for ourselves.


This revolutionizes how we manifest. Instead of calling in what we don’t have, and manifesting becoming a conscious construct, we align ourselves with what’s for us. Without needing to know what that is all the time. If we do know what we want, we can welcome that into our reality by dissolving what’s in the way of it, through resonance and alignment.


Human blueprint work aligns us with our truth. So what’s not in Alignment falls away with ease and grace.



I’m doing really good – I have been feeling a lot calmer since our session, I guess more accepting of things, I notice that when something is happening I don’t have an extreme reaction right now. Which is good. It just feels better. When I’m calm like this, it feels like everything is ok. Everything is going to be just fine, no matter what is thrown at me. Wow. I wish I always could feel like this

Anh Dao-Tran

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